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Stef Aerts


Twenty-two year old Stef Aerts plays the leading role of TOM. OXYGEN is Stef’s first feature film. He is a graduate from the Antwerp Studio Herman Teirlinck academy and performed in Flemish drama series DE KAVIJAKS and DE RODENBURGS. Stef is one of the driving forces behind acclaimed theatrical company FC BERGMAN (named after the famous Swedish director) and will appear in the romantic comedy feature MADLY IN LOVE (Smoorverliefd) by Hilde van Mieghem. Stef was chosen by director Hans van Nuffel based on his overwhelming audition.

Wouter Hendrickx

Wouter Hendrickx (Xavier)

XAVIER is the eternal optimist whose life force rubs off on Tom. The role is played by Wouter Hendrickx (1975) who shot to domestic fame as a police detective’s sidekick in the first season of Flemish crime series WITSE. He appeared regularly on drama shows and played one of the leading roles in the romantic series JES (2008). He impressed cinema audiences as Jan Decleir’s partner in crime in the homejacking comedy LONG WEEKEND (Verlengd Weekend) by director Hans Herbots and gave a stunning performance as Lowie ‘Petrol’ Strobbe in THE MISFORTUNATES (De Helaasheid der Dingen) by Felix van Groeningen.

Marie Vinck

MARIE VINCK (Anneleen)

ANNELEEN, Xavier’s spirited girlfriend, is played by Marie Vinck (1983). At the age of 9, Marie appeared in the TV drama series MOEDER WAAROM LEVEN WIJ and at 13, she played her first leading role in the children’s drama BLAZEN TOT HONDERD. She made her breakthrough with THE KISS (De Kus, 2004), directed by her mother, veteran actress Hilde Van Mieghem. Marie’s outstanding performance of a teenager manipulated by a cruel lover won her several festival awards. More recently, she appeared in the domestic whodunit hit LOFT by Erik Van Looy and the true story drama THE SM JUDGE (De SM Rechter) by Erik Lamens. She was a seductive young aristocrat in the drama series DE RODENBURGS and plays one of the leads in the upcoming MADLY IN LOVE.

Anemone Valcke


Anemone Valcke plays ELINE, Tom’s quirky and outspoken love interest. Anemone (1990) is a drama student at the Ghent Conservatory. She made an eye-catching film debut in MOSCOW BELGIUM by Christophe van Rompaey as the outspoken eldest daughter of the film’s heroine Matty (Barbara Sarafian). She also starred in the coming of age drama BO by Hans Herbots.

Rik Verheye


JIMMY is Tom’s no-good best friend. The role is played by Rik Verheye, who gratuated from Studio Herman Teirlinck in 2009. Rik and Stef Aerts are the young wolves behind the flamboyant theatre company FC Bergman. He is cast to play the leading role in the soon-to-be-shot TV series ELLA. OXYGEN is his film debut.

Maarten Mertens


The role of Tom’s brother, LUCAS, is performed by Maarten Mertens. Maarten is best known for his role as Seppe Cremer in TV series KAAT & CO. Maarten (1981) played important roles in TV series GOESTING and in CUT LOOSE (Los) by Jan Verheyen.